Tuesday, 21 August 2012

snapshots: see no evil 2012

18th August 2012

Bristol, England

"See No Evil is an international art project based on Nelson Street in the Bristol City centre. It brings together a selection of the world's best street artists to create a huge outdoor gallery."
The once grim, dull and sterile office blocks that populate the area are brought to life with a splash of colour and several stages of music for a few days each summer. The beautiful thing about it though is that even when the party is over, the huge murals remain on their concrete canvasses all year long. 
Welcome to Nelson Street.
The Ghostly Musketeers.
For 2012, the organisers pulled out all the stops showcasing a much larger festival-style gathering.  Tiny alleyways connect the labyrinthine area together with hidden art lavishly splashed around ever corner.

The event was a testament to the liberal attitude of the Bristol council who allowed a large area of the city centre to be closed down for one big party, relaxing drinking laws and supplying an unobtrusive police presence.
Several of the buildings in the area opened up their doors and put on workshops for people to have a go producing some of their own art.
Ship Shape & Bristol Fashion.
One trippy little dude.
The more attractive side of Nelson Street. No graffiti required.
A record 50,000 people came to Bristol over the weekend to enjoy the elaborate art displays, homegrown Bristol music and a few ciders in the sun of course.
Swagger straight from 1975.
Break-dancing contest in full swing. 
See No Evil Block Party had acts playing from midday to 9pm.

Organic street art.
For me the rooftop party at Froomsgate House was the place to be. Trapping the sun nicely all day, the best house djs in Bristol played to a rammed crowd at the Crack Magazine Hear No Evil stage.
Such as Kowton...For one of his final tunes he played Andres - New For You.  Big tune for a big day in Bristol.
35 individual pieces of art were on display across a wide range of buildings.

A great day turned into a great night down at Timbuk2 for young biggles.....
See No...
A multitude of walkways connected the party together with sneaky little stages squeezed into the various nooks and crannies.
The Nelson Walk.
Growing bigger every year, See No Evil looks like it will join St. Pauls as the place to be every summer.